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Tristian Hendrix


Tristian Hendrix is a Community Health Worker for Access Community Health Network, a partner to Wellness West.

Every day, he works his patients across the West Side who might suffer from diabetes, hypertension, depression and other challenges.

“People need more than a prescription and a treatment plan written by a doctor on a piece of paper.  What I do is help patients follow their wellness plan. There is no point in having a plan if a patient can’t or won’t follow the plan.  Maybe the patient doesn’t understand the plan.  Or maybe they face a barrier. Or maybe they are discouraged. This is where I come in. I answer their questions. I find them resources. I boost their spirits. I just try to make it easier to achieve their goals. I tell them to think of me as their personal assistant,” Tristian says.

“I love my job because of the patients I work with. I hear the happiness in their voice when I check up on them. I have seen patients go from being discouraged to having hope for their future. What could be better than that?”