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Sergio Guerrero


Sergio Guerrero is a Community Health Worker for Esperanza, a Wellness West partner.  He says the two keys to his job are: earning a patient’s trust and following up on commitments.

One patient Sergio worked with was a 50-year-old female with diabetes and no health insurance.  In April of 2023, her A1C reading was 7.2%.  By summer, it was 6.5% and falling.

What made the difference?  Sergio said it was a matter of the patient having someone supporting her.  He helped develop a nutrition, exercise and medication plan.  He found a way to get her medicine at no cost. He educated and encouraged her. His patient started eating better, taking daily walks and making new smoothie recipes.  Her life has changed in a dramatic way.

Sergio believes patients succeed when they feel like they have an advocate who listens, cheers, teaches, and reminds. An advocate who excites the patient to take the next steps.